A Little Bit About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Jen, I live in the UK and love everything about food. I hope you enjoy the recipes you find on my blog, not only the recipes written by me but also the recipes from other sources that I feel are well worth a try. You will find that many of the recipes are family favourites but with a little twist which are often inspired or encountered from my travels which gives the dishes a certain je ne sais quoi.

I have been fortunate enough to have visited some really amazing places, especially Asia and North America and this has opened my eyes (and tastebuds) to new ingredients that I feel no cookery book has managed to capture. ย As mentioned, this has enabled me to feature classic dishes & recipes but with a fresher and modern taste. After dinner, its time to put my feet up and catch up with the celebrity gossip from around the world and in particular, check out their homes and furniture used to decorate these spectacular properties.

Please check out my other blog celebrityhomestyle.com to get advice and ideas on celebrities home furnishings and how you can achieve a similar look in your home.

I will also keep this page up to date with links to my favourite Blogs.


23 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me

  1. Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by Cuppanatter! Enjoy! Your recipes looks great… will check them out when I’m not hungry!

  2. Jen: Thanks for following my blog. I see you have some people here who are gluten free. I am another one who has to be gluten free. I love cooking and new recipes are the best. I look forward to reading more and following you. Much love and light to you and have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts

  3. Thank you for the follow at purpleprincessreflections it is a great encouragement to have others like what you write. Loved the look of your blog. The pictures are great; makes me hungry. I will be exploring your site often.

    Until next time,

  4. Thank you for following! Love the feel of your blog! I need to get my cooking skills on, will be checking your recipes out to push me in the right direction =) Sara xx

  5. Glad to have you join “Travels of Bogie.” Food is a big part of my travel experience. Look forward to checking out your recipes. The mojitos look wonderful. Donna

  6. Hi Jen. My partner is gluten intolerant but was only diagnosed a couple of years ago. He spent a lifetime either running to the toilet or vomiting after eating the same things as my family and I did. He is also a type 2 diabetic and has other autoimmune problems to top that lot off! As you can imagine, he misses bread the most as gluten free bread just does not “cut the mustard” as the saying goes. I shall be following your gluten free recipes with avid interest as I’m always looking out for new foods for him so he doesn’t miss out. It is amazing how he has improved since staying on a gluten free diet.

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  8. Hi Jen! Thanks for following my blog and liking one of my entries. Your blog is awesome. Nowadays, I do a lot of cooking and baking, so your blog is a blessing. I could find new ideas here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by CakeyKate! I hope you enjoy the dairy free goodies on there, you can easily make them not-so-dairy-free by putting back the butter and milk for full on dairy yumminess! Your blog looks awesome, so much up already!

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