Peanut Butter Heaven!



The Jenga tower is optional 🙂

If you were to walk into the living area in my apartment you’d see scraps of paper all over the place (unless I’ve just done a panic clean up if someone IMPORTANT is coming over!) Scraps of paper where I’ve scribbled recipes down, torn out pages of newspapers and magazines with recipes on them or just a pile of printed out pages from Donal Skehan or BBC Good Food websites – I mean I do buy recipe books,(too frickin many!) but I’m always coming across others that I want to try.

As well as me tearing my mags and papers to shreds, every time I arrive to my lovely Mother’s for dinner there’s usually a couple of scraps of paper waiting for me too. This week is was for Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars. I haven’t made anything with peanut butter for ages and this…

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